Metatones Sound Therapy- TheFlower

Physicists tell us that the physical body is an organized field of molecular vibrations existing within an atmosphere and universe of smaller, subatomic or quantum vibrations. Our universe of invisible quantum vibrations is referred to as the zero point field. In addition, our physical body’s molecular vibratory structure has as its’ substructure and foundation a smaller, quantum matrix of vibrations connected to and part of the zero point field. The common name for our human matrix of quantum vibrations is the aura. Traditional approaches to human health generally attempt to effect healing change at the molecular vibratory level. One of the numerous medical examples of attempts to effect healthy change at the molecular vibratory level is the bio-chemical effect of every prescription. Although traditional molecular approaches towards health have many effective applications, it fails to encompass the quantum vibratory matrix that is the foundation of the human being. Because of these facts, traditional medical approaches have many inherent limitations and many questions about human health and illness remain unanswered.

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