Chinese HFGW Research Program

A 20-Year Benchmarked Research Plan

These documents by Dr’s. Robert Baker and Fangyu Li outline the 20-year-plan for Chinese High-Frequency Gravitational Wave research, including a benchmarked series of objectvies to develop communications, energy, and defense capabilities based on contemporary experimental findings. Both Baker’s presentation materials and the original objectives as written by Dr. Fangyu Li of the Chinese HFGW lab are provided.

File Size: 1,602kb (Baker) & 757kb (Li)
PDF Links: Chinese HFGW Research Program (Dr. Robert Baker) & Chinese HFGW Research Program (Dr. Fangyu Li)

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Dr. Robert Baker
Robert Baker is one of the world’s leading physicists currently pursuing research into High-Frequency Gravity-Waves. His remarkable theoretical work and experimental predictions are turning heads at the highest-levels in the global scientific community. His extensive credentials and remarkable scientific research are online at, or his personal site at

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