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Morgellons Research Foundation
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December 2007 Newsletter
1. Labor HHS Bill S. 1710 (Morgellons Funding)
2. SUNY Scanning Electron Microscopy
3. Director of Media and PR
4. New members of the Board of Nursing
Dear MRF Registrants:
1.The Executive Director of the MRF met with staff at U.S. Senator Tom Harkin’s Washington DC office earlier this year. We would like to thank Senator Harkin for adding language regarding additional Morgellons funding to the Labor HHS appropriations Bill S.1710 which was approved by the Senate but vetoed by President Bush. The money which will be used to fund the current (Kaiser Permanente) Morgellons investigation is coming from CDC’s general fund; the vetoed bill would have allowed for additional funding. We are encouraged by the Senate’s attempt to gain additional funding for Morgellons disease and hope that future attempts will be successful.
U.S. Senate Bill 1710: See Morgellons disease on pages 76-77:
2. Please see SEM (Scanning Electron Microscopy) images generated by Dr Citovsky’s research group at SUNY Stonybrook. We would like to thank Mark Darrah, Research Director of the Morgellons Project in Dr Citovsky’s lab for arranging for the SEM imaging which was done at the Materials Science and Engineering Dept, Stony Brook University. Dr Citovsky’s group, under the direction of Mark Darrah, is continuing to research Morgellons disease and we will share new information as it becomes available to us.
SUNY SEM Images:
3. We are pleased to welcome Candice Han, as the new MRF Director of Media and PR. Candice, who has a background in Public Relations, contacted the MRF to volunteer her services. We are most grateful to Candice for this kind and selfless act.
4. We are pleased to welcome two new members to the MRF Board of Nursing:
Barbara Slebodnick, RN and Theresa Lyons, RN.
We would like to thank these new volunteers and everyone who is working together to help end the suffering caused by Morgellons disease.
We wish each of you a joyful and peaceful Holiday season with a Wonderful New Year ahead.
William T. Harvey, M.D., M.P.H., M.S., Chairman
Mary M. Leitao, Executive Director
Douglas Buckner, Ph.D., Associate Director
Janelle Fossen, Secretary
Dale Cowher, CPA, Treasurer
Roy Houchins
Board of Directors
Morgellons Research Foundation

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