The Company-Kucinich’s brother found dead & Benazir Bhuttos`Death

(CNN) — Perry Kucinich, brother of Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Dennis Kucinich of Ohio, was found dead Wednesday morning at his eastside Cleveland home, officials said.

His body was discovered by another brother, Larry, in his apartment about 9 a.m., a spokesman for the Cuyahoga County Coroner told CNN.

Powell Caesar said the cause of the 51-year-old man’s death won’t be known until the results of the autopsy are returned. But, Caesar said, the body did not show injuries and there appeared to be no signs of foul play.

Dennis Kucinich said in a statement that his brother struggled with mental illness but led a productive life. The congressman and his wife were flying in to Cleveland later Wednesday.

“He was a genius. He had extraordinary insights,” he said.

Perry Kucinich was an artist whose work had recently been on display at a local art gallery, the statement added. He was expected to have another showing

of his art in the spring.

He was the fifth of seven children in the Kucinich family, with brother Dennis being the oldest.

“Dennis was very close to his brother Perry,” said family spokesman Andy Juniewicz in the same statement “He watched after him, and he loved him dearly. The two spoke nearly every day.”

Funeral services are pending.

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich.

any number of groups and factions could have orchestrated the assassination of Benazir Bhutto… but the company is the biggest!.


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